Reading Reflection 1 Due 1.17 at 2pm:

Project for Public Spaces: Placemaking Primer

6335ddc88fbf7f29ec537d49_2022 placemaking booklet.pdf

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Reading Reflection 2 Due 1.26 at 11:59 pm:

Gehl: How To Study Public Life


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Reading Reflection 3 Due 2.16 at 11:59 pm

Fulton-Suri: What Designers Make of What They See

5_What Designers Make of What They See_Fulton-Suri.pdf

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Reading Reflection 4 Due 2.28 at 11:59 pm

This is A Prototype (Witthoft)


Renovation Generation (on Adaptive Reuse)

Get Curious Enough to Get Good Enough (interview w/Gray Garmon about prototyping)

Presenting Research Findings (Jon Kolko)

Hendren: What Can A Body Do?

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Brainwriting (DMI)

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Vacant Spaces

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Maintenance Architecture

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Davis: How Artifacts Afford

Davis_How Artifacts Afford_Ch. 1 (1).pdf


How Jersey City got to Zero Traffic Deaths on its Streets

**Not a specific reading, but the Kansas City Airport Redevelopment project is super interesting as it relates to place and space.



This Is A Prototype_Witthoft.pdf

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